Provisional contents


1: Lost and Found

Trouble in paradise · The time is now · Instrumentalism, determinism, and mediation · Morals or ethics? · The myth of neutrality · Barriers to ethics.

2: Do No Harm?

Unintended consequences · Externalities · Algorithmic bias · Source of bias · Moral distribution · Moral relativism · The technocracy trap · Defining fairness · Mitigating bias · Moral imagination · Futuring · Design as provocation · Utopias and dystopias · User dissent and crisis · Redefining the stakeholder · A Hippocratic Oath? · Ethical infrastructure and diversity.

3: Persuasive Mechanisms

Force, persuasion, and inevitability · Dark patterns · Attention and addiction · Ethical experimentation · Persuasion and power · Political persuasion · Automated persuasion · Evidence collapse · Justifying persuasion: folk theories · Persuasive theories · The role of intent · Introducing deontology · Deontology applied · The veil of ignorance · Better persuasion · Regulation and opt-out.

4: The Data Deluge

Data metaphors · Data beyond advertising · Raw data is an oxymoron · Resigned to insecurity · Defining privacy · The data value exchange in theory and practice · De-ID and re-ID · Seamlessness and trust · Data regulation · The right to be forgotten · Implications of regulation · Introducing utilitarianism · Scientific morality · Utilitarianism or deontology? · The ethics of ad-blocking · Fair data exchange · Material, not magic · Self-ownership and 'pocket AI' · Portability and differential privacy · The nuclear option: zero data · Privacy as strategy · Empowering the public.

5: Seeing Through New Eyes

Computer vision · Listening machines · Talking with machines · The datafied body · The hypermap · Neo-physiognomy · 'If I don't, someone else will' · The deadly seams · Is ‘better’ good enough? · The trolley problem is a red herring · Coexistence and companion species · Umwelt · The social contract · Explainable algorithms · Counterfactuals · Virtue ethics · Value-sensitive design

6: You Have Twenty Seconds To Comply

Technology as force · Moderation and free speech · What’s yours is ours · Security or liberty? · The ethics of encryption · Repurposeable surveillance · The party line · Post-privacy · Autonomous war · Moral disobedience · The price of disobedience.

7: Software Is Heating The World

Minimum Viable Icecaps · The digital drain · Gestell · Conservation for technologists · Anticipating scarcity · Radical reorientation · Akrasia and ethical imperfection.

8: No Cash, No Jobs, No Hope?

An examination of technology’s socioeconomic impact. To include: the politics and ethics of disruption, the AI breakdown of employment, Silicon Valley longevity projects, the search for human meaning in a post-work future, and the tempting dystopias of superintelligence.

9: A New Digital Philosophy

How can we create more ethical tech and design cultures? To include: personal, company, and community obligations for ethical conduct, the role of professional organisations, means of engaging the public in technological debate, business cases for ethics.